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What are you eligible for?

  Jul 18, 2023

What are you eligible for?

Are you making the most of the community services and discounts available to you? It’s always worth checking to see what you’re eligible for!

Many people assume that it’s necessary to be on the benefit to access a community services card, but that’s not true. It is income-dependent, and the threshold information (for different-sized families) is freely available online—so take a look, and don’t let any stigma get in your way.

A community services card carries numerous benefits. Holders get cheaper visits to doctors and other health practitioners when enrolled at their practice, subsidised prescriptions, and reduced costs for public transport, emergency dental treatment, and home help. Families receive free glasses for children under 16, and there is also monetary assistance available for travel costs should you have to go to a hospital that’s at a distance from your home.

If you’re over the age of 65, you should also be taking advantage of the discounts and services available to you with a SuperGold card. You will automatically receive one of these when you begin to receive the NZ superannuation or veteran’s pension, but if you are not eligible for either of those you can fill out an application.

Deals for SuperGold cardholders include free off-peak public transport and a range of discounts with various supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment and travel providers, and more. What’s on offer changes regularly, and you can see the current deals on the SuperGold website.

As accountants, we believe in not leaving any money on the table. If you have deals, discounts, and more affordable services available to you, make sure you’re claiming and using them.

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