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Minimum wage increases to $23.15 per hour

  Feb 19, 2024

Minimum wage increases to $23.15 per hour

The Workplace Relations and Safety Minister has announced that the adult minimum wage will be rising to $23.15 per hour from 1 April 2024. A 2% increase from the current hourly rate of $22.70. Brooke van Velden had initially proposed a 1.3% increase, while the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment recommended 4%.

The Starting-Out and Training minimum wage rates will both increase to $18.52 per hour, remaining at 80% of the adult minimum wage.

Between 80,000 and 145,000 New Zealand workers earn between the current and new minimum wage rates. As an employer, you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest minimum pay rates and pay your employees at least the current minimum rate. This rate stands even if your employee only works a few hours for you each week or has little responsibility at work.

Costs are increasing

In addition to the cost of labour, inflation has put upward pressure on everyday items. That will likely increase your general running costs and the price of materials. Petrol prices are up, for instance, and supply chain issues have driven up the cost of many imported products.

Is it time to review your pricing

Ideally, your business should increase costs by a tiny amount each year, rather than by a big jump every five years, for instance. Small increases help prevent price shocks for customers, and keep your business in line with the rest of the market.

Can you cut costs?

If you don’t think increasing your prices is an option, or you still need to make more of a change, you may need to cut back your spending. We can look at your business line by line, enabling us to identify areas where you might be able to trim the fat. 

Give us a call or drop us a note – we’re here to help.

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