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Long Service Awards

  Oct 05, 2022

Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards

Recently, we took time out to celebrate our long serving team members.  Those that have been with us for 20 years, or longer.  We celebrated their contribution to Malloch McClean with a luncheon at the new Langlands Hotel. This gave them a great opportunity to reminisce about the good ol’ days and celebrate how far the team and Malloch McClean has come. 

People are and always will be our greatest asset and it is incredible to have so many team members in this group who have been helping make more possible for our clients over the years.

Please join us in congratulating our long serving team members below.  Each and every one of them are important members of our team.  Their abilities and contributions will be an important part of our continued success, with a total of 566 years that they have already contributed to Malloch McClean.

Michael Hunter
Juliana Kean
John Schol
Nadia Collins
Hayden Shaw
Lisa Sleeman
Brendon Chatfield
Campbell Hay
Sonya Gough
Brooke Peterson
Ian Harrington
Jan Brown
Susan Burke
Karen Hughes
Paula McDiarmid
Eric Van Eeden
Bev Brown
Jeremy McClean

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