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Latest Farm Benchmarking Statistics

  Apr 11, 2024

Latest Farm Benchmarking Statistics

For several years, we’ve been putting together benchmarking statistics for farmers to help our clients make informed decisions and track their progress against industry averages. Accurate benchmarking statistics are a valuable tool that allow farm owners and managers to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They form a solid foundation for any business development plan, allowing farms to identify opportunities to improve.

Towards the end of last year, we put out our dairy farm stats for the 2023 financial year. Now, we're stoked to share our sheep and beef benchmarking data for that same period. This report contains the statistics all the way back to 2021 and covers a wide range of numbers: average stock units, average hectares, livestock net profit, income, expenses, and more. Keen to check out the rest of our reports? Take a look here!

The Malloch McClean team is dedicated to helping business owners succeed, and agribusiness—a key New Zealand industry— is one of our specialties. We have collated targeted benchmarking reports that include the most relevant data for clients seeking to improve their operations. If you need help putting the information into action, then please get in touch. The Malloch McClean team can work with you to create achievable goals for your farm operations and make a plan to succeed. Book a free consult today.

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