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Financial Planning In The Cloud

  Aug 13, 2021

Financial Planning In The Cloud

Financial Planning In The Cloud

Written by: Hayden Shaw, Principal
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Farming is a business with unique accounting needs. The specific challenges you face in running a successful and thriving farm, requires the right tools and software. 

The agriculture industry has many factors that can dramatically affect profit and loss such as; commodity prices, interest rates, supply issues, environmental regulations, health and safety laws, weather, taxes and employment issues. Managing these well using all the accounting tools, software and resources at your disposal is vital.
As a progressive accounting firm we harness the best software available for farms such as Xero + Figured and leverage these tools to help our clients improve profitability, performance and build a smarter, better business.
A simple mindset we use to deliver our clients a smarter better business is the NOW, WHERE, HOW approach. This involves looking at our clients financials and seeing where they are NOW, then looking at WHERE they want their farming business to be in the future and we determine HOW they are going to get there by setting financial plans. Leveraging the right technology means that we can help our clients reach their goals faster by having everyone singing off the same song sheet. 
The benefits of using Xero & Figured means that you and your advisors can all connect to the same financial and non-financial information, in an easy to access cloud platform which provides insights for better decision making.
Farming today is about using the best tools and software to help you make more money, pay less tax and get ahead faster. To find out more about how we can help you farm smarter with the latest technology, please register for our upcoming “Farming In The Cloud” (held at Malloch McClean at 12:15pm on Monday 6th September). To register, click here or for more info please don't hesitate to contact our team - we are here to help.

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