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Building on a Solid Foundation: Client Story

  May 07, 2024

Building on a Solid Foundation: Client Story

The tangible effects of good accounting and advisory services are laid out in our client stories. These are real-life examples of exactly how the right support will take businesses of many different kinds to the next level.

Here’s a tale of success and growth from one particular property management client!

Road to growth with T&T

T&T Property Management, based in Invercargill, is led by Tony Mennell. This homegrown and independent business is passionate about providing exceptional service and top-quality Property Management.

Tony started the company and put in a lot of work to build it up from the ground himself. Eventually, he came to Malloch McClean for support in achieving his goals.

One of those goals was to take on staff so that Tony could expand his business and manage more properties. Employing people is a big transition, and quarterly coaching with a business mentor helped him to get his head around what was required and how to prepare for this major change.

In addition to the coaching, Tony created a business plan with Malloch McClean, he also received help with yearly accounts and payroll to ensure that finances were in order as he put together his team. This created a solid foundation upon which to build and the framework to guide him on the way up.

The outcome

The results are clear. Tony said:

“Mentorship helped me to clarify my mission, vision and purpose and set smart goals. No one wants to go it alone and I valued having someone to review things with, who challenged me and held me accountable.

I had support taking on new staff members and began setting goals and cementing shared values as a team. I’ve learnt so much around goal-setting, performance reviews and what it takes to build a successful team that gets results.”

T&T Property Management is now a team of five people, led by Tony and managing hundreds of properties across Invercargill and surrounding areas. The proven tools and frameworks that Malloch McClean provided have been hugely valuable and enabled the informed decision-making and calculated risks that create growth.

Write your own success story

Are you seeking to grow your business and build a team of your own? Maybe your goals are something different: better cashflow, succession planning, or expanding your offering. Whatever it is, help from the experts will never go amiss.

If you want a success story of your own, book a free consult with the Malloch McClean team and let’s get the ball rolling on your own tailored accounting and advisory support package.

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