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Applications for the tourism support funding are now being accepted

  Sep 15, 2021

Applications for the tourism support funding are now being accepted

Applications For The Tourism Support Funding Are Now Being Accepted

The Government has allocated additional funding to help support tourism businesses recover from COVID-19 through the $200 million Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan (the Plan). 

The Business Advisory Support initiative complements the Business Advice Implementation Grants by providing businesses with up to $5000 (excluding GST) to receive expert advice and support. The Tourism Kick-start fund will be accessed on a case by case basis. 

*Please note this funding is available only to tourism businesses that are located in the five areas selected by the Government (Southland District, Kaikoura District, Mackenzie District, Queenstown Lakes District and Westland District).  

For more information and to apply,
click here

How can Malloch McClean help? 

Malloch McClean provides many of the services that are required to be able to assist those that are looking to access the funding. We are a registered service provider with the Regional Business Network. If you need additional information about our COVID-19 support services, please contact us. 

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