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5 goal-setting tips for 2023

  Jan 31, 2023

5 goal-setting tips for 2023

5 goal-setting tips for 2023

Whether you want to grow your business or take more time for yourself, these goal-setting tips can help you achieve your long-term plans.

  1. Think big! - What do you want from your life – and how can your business help you achieve that? Think about this year and beyond; what does your business look like in five or 10 years? When you know what end point you’re aiming for, it’s easier to set goals that move you in the right direction. 
  2. Pick something you can measure - Vague goals aren’t as helpful as those you can measure and monitor. Think about what you already measure in your business and how you’d like to see those metrics change. 
  3. Make a plan to achieve each goal - Once you’ve picked a few goals, come up with ways to achieve them. It could just be back-of-the-envelope thinking, or have a brainstorming session with your team or your advisers (we can help!). When you have a plan in place, do your best to follow through and make it happen. 
  4. Keep monitoring your progress - Check in each month to see how you’re tracking with your goals. Set yourself reminders on your calendar or make it part of your invoicing cycle. If you’re not quite on track, you can make tweaks or come up with some fresh ideas to help you reach your targets. If you need help to be held to account, give us a call.
  5. Plan a celebration! - Give yourself a good reason to keep striving for your goals. It might be a long lunch, a trip to the movies, a manicure, or a beer advent calendar next December. Something you’ll enjoy that’s not going to blow the budget.

We can help

Not sure what your goals should be or how to monitor them? We can show you where to find the information you need, how to check on it, or keep an eye on it for you. Our team also has some great ideas for how to reach your goals and work with you to build a smarter, better business – get in touch!

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