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Maximise the Potential of Your Agri-Business

  Jul 10, 2024

Maximise the Potential of Your Agri-Business

Our FREE upcoming seminar is for all farmers looking to take their operations to the next level. We have industry experts, local banks, and farming peers coming to share their advice, stories, and pathways to success. 

Farmers face many challenges—and a significant one is finding time and resources to upskill themselves in the business side of their operations. We’ve curated an impactful and targeted event which will make the small investment of two hours of your time well worth the effort.

You can:

  • Network with others in the industry and forge valuable connections.
  • Engage with experts and seek advice for your specific business.
  • Discover the latest and greatest in innovative tech and digital platforms to make your life easier and your operations more profitable.
  • Learn about our comprehensive range of advisory services.

Equip yourself with knowledge and networks! This is a rare opportunity to gain insight from a range of experts and learn how to create a profitable, thriving agribusiness.

Where: Ascot Park Hotel, Invercargill
When: Tuesday the 23rd July, 10am - 12pm

Guest number is limited as this event is nearing it's capacity. Register now to secure your free seat befoe they are gone.

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