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Gavin Frampton Loan Advisor

Gavin Frampton has spent over 25 years mastering New Zealand’s retail and banking sectors and considers it an honour to use his expertise to assist clients understand and achieve their strategic plans both in the short and long term. Gavin is now a broker and business coach at Malloch McClean and has extensive knowledge of the NZ lending environment. Gavin earns the trust and respect of clients through his commitment to helping them invest wisely, structure their debt correctly, understand the wider market and offer candid advice on their financial situation. When Gavin is not advising clients, he is Chair of the Motueka South School Board of Trustess and enjoys spending time tirelessly with his family in their sporting and cultural events. 

“My wife, Stacey and I own and operate a small business in Motueka so I totally understand what it takes to run a successful business. It takes time to achieve great things and what I love about working for Malloch McClean is that I’m in a position to help business owners evolve and transform their business through a plan to have a smarter, better business. I am a strong believer that a business should provide the income you want and the discretionary time to enjoy it and if that’s structuring your finance in a way to get there, then I’m here to help.”


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