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Our History 

This is our story

Our 87-year old story is one of humble beginnings, hard work, great people and innovative thinking - all driven by our passion of creating smarter better businesses. 


Mr Malloch

Malloch McClean was established in 1933 when Mr Malloch set off on his bicycle around the countryside talking to farmers about the impending introduction of depreciation and the need for double entry accounting. His success depended on theirs, so Mr Malloch added value wherever he could. He went on to author books about farm accounting that has influenced a generation of accountants, economists and student.



Mr McClean

Joining in 1941 was Mr McClean. Mr McClean introduced the theme of continuous innovation, which included the acquisition of one of the first computers to be used by an accounting firm in New Zealand (requiring its own room). He went on to hold directorships in numerous organisations including the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.



Malloch McClean

85 years on, our dedication to our customers hasn’t changed. Our vision is to deliver an accounting firm that remains fit for the future. We have a diverse team of over seventy accountants and business mentors, plus many new tools to help you and your business succeed. We’ve seen almost everything and understand your industry, your business and your goals. We’re not your average accountancy firm. We practice what we teach and constantly innovate to exceed expectations.


Meet the Minds Shaping the Industry Today

Jeremy McClean: Principal
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Jeremy McClean: Principal

John Schol: Principal
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John Schol: Principal

Manoli Aerakis​: Managing Director
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Manoli Aerakis​: Managing Director

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