Key numbers to focus on in your business

With the business world irreparably changed by the impact of coronavirus, your business is facing a ‘new normal’. Priorities have changed, customer behaviours have mutated and revenue streams have had to evolve and pivot in order to create a viable post-lockdown business model. 

To track, monitor and drive your financial performance in this new business world, it’s increasingly important to have a handle on your key financial reports and metrics.

Getting to grips with your financial reports

In the past, extra cash in the business may have been seen as a surplus that needed to be spent on something, COVID-19 has shown us that having these reserves is vitally important for the survival and long-term health of businesses. 

To truly be in control of this cash, it’s vital that you can dip into your accounts, financial reports and dashboards and ‘see the genuine story’ behind your financial position.

Take a look below to see the key reports you should be focusing on. Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’ll run you through the key reports in your accounting software, track performance and use the results to help you create a smarter better business for surviving the new business normal. Get in touch for a no obligation chat | 03 214 4166